Autoescola Pallars contributes to #PostuXapes, an innovative way of fundraising for a wide range of charitable causes; how about you?

7 de November de 2016
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We really love the road, cars, speed and motorbikes but we much prefer helping those who most need it. This time, Autoescola Pallars is joining hands with Postureig de Lleida to contribute to its charitable causes.

From supporting women that have been through breast cancer to animal rescue centres, Postureig de Lleida offers a wide range of caring badges, called PostuXapes, which you can acquire from any of our driving schools and therefore, contribute to charity!

We offer more than 10 types of caring badges; each of them contributes to a different cause.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Popes’, which translates to ‘I love boobs’ in ‘Lleidatà’ a Catalan dialect spoken in the western part of Catalonia, contributes to Adima Lleida, a women’s society that supports women who have suffered cancer.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Bigotis’, which translates to ‘I love moustaches’, contributes to the Biomedical Research Institute to create a supportive society to all those who suffer prostate cancer within the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova and Hospital of Santa Maria in Lleida.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Boira’, which translates to ‘I love fog’, supports the initiative Arrels in Sant Ignasi de Loiola, which assists homeless people.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Peluts’, which translates to ‘I love furry’ referring to furry animals, supports three animal rescue centres in Lleida: Els amics dels Animals del Segrià, Lydia Argilès rescue centre and ProGat.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Aplec’ takes this name due to a very famous party in Lleida where people get together and eat snails and drink lots. Postureig de Lleida joints one of the society that organises the event (FECOLL) to support the Red Cross and Càritas in their projects focused on helping people at risk of social exclusion.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Somriures’ or ‘I love smiles’ in English, supports Down Lleida, an organisation that assists people who suffer Down Syndrome.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Allioli’ supports the food bank in Lleida.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Kets’, which translates to ‘I love trainers’ supports the Red Cross Lleida towards their children focused projects.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Camacus’ supports many other causes that Postureig de Lleida contributes to.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Frescos’ supports the Red Cross towards its projects regarding school meal grants.

– The badge ‘I ♥ Padrins’, which translates to ‘I love Grandparents’ contributes to Lleida’s Alzheimer society, Associacio de Familiars de malalts d’Alzheimer and other dementia focused organisations.

You will be able to purchase these badges in any of the following driving schools in Lleida:
– Cappont: Avda. Doctora Castell, 38
– Bordeta: Avda. Artesa, 18
– Pardinyes: Avda. Baró de Maials, 13
– Ronda/Pius: Avda. Pius XII, 19

Contribute and choose your cause! ♥ 

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